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Personal Development Operative

Salary DOE

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Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex, UK

Permanent / full-time

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Do you have what it takes to be a big player in the cut and thrust world of personal development?  

Are you a highly-motivated, ambitious team player with a passion for beepy beepy sounds?

Do you have excellent keyboard skills and look great in a double-breasted suit? 

About US

Here at the Office for Personal Development we believe that the only difference between having a dream and having a goal is having a plan, and are committed to helping everyone achieve all of their personal development goals.

When we entered the market as an ambitious start-up in 2020 from our headquarters in Bexhill-on-sea, we fully believed in our impending meteoric rise... and we still do. Having gained the support of industry leaders we have seen consecutive quarterly growth and consistently surpassed our developmental targets to become one of the newest and most exciting market disrupters.  


About the ROLE

Working alongside the existing Head of IT, you will report directly to the Director as an integral member of a small and dynamic team. At point of delivery you will interface directly with clients and be expected to perform under pressure in an exciting and fast moving environment, with flashy lights and a cheap smoke machine. The role offers frequent opportunities to travel to exciting and exotic locations such as Worthing, or even Guildford on a weeknight. You must be available for regular evening presentation rehearsals and team-building events. In addition, you will be expected to answer your phone to the Director at any time of night to assist in the decision-making process to correctly identify the optimum cutoff setting of an awesome new sound.           

About YOU

You are always trying to maximise your efficiency. You must be a highly-ambitious team player with an eye for detail and an ear for quality. You pride yourself on being well-presented and prefer the double-breasted tailored suit and a particular shade of green. Punctuality is your spirituality. You have clear personal development goals and strive to lead others, by example, down the path of fulfilment. You have NEVER... EVER... employed the phrase, 'That'll do.'  

Knowledge and Experience Required

  • You will have competent keyboard skills.

  • You will know how to consume cheap and often warm lager in cramped green room conditions and appear grateful.    

  • You will know that wrapping a power chord tightly around an adapter WILL break it, eventually. 

  • You will have a comprehensive understanding of the late night service-station protocols.

  • You want to make the most out of life, and enjoy it as much as possible, for as long as you can.       

Desirable Knowledge and Experience

  • Excellent keyboard and IT skills.

  • Experience of delivering high level polished presentations in front of varyingly enthusiastic audiences.

  • A comprehensive and detailed understanding of what all the lighty-up buttons and knobby thingies on a MicroKorg S do. 

  • An assertive thumbs up. 

Applications will remain open until the correct candidate is appointed.  


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